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Episode 24: Oxygen...too much of a good thing?

January 28, 2015

Episode 23: Common errors in cardiac arrest management. 

January 22, 2015

Episode 22: Your patient codes after your intubation...what's going on??

Episode 21: Neurologic causes of cardiac arrest.

Episode 20: Should you use a CPR device for compressions?

Episode 19: Is it time to make EPI for cardiac arrest DNR?

Episode 18: What do you do with a STEMI when the STE resolves?

Episode 17: Is etomidate safe for RSI in sepsis??

Episode 16: Targeted BP management during CPR??

Episode 15: ARISE and get the latest on treating septic shock!

Episode 14: Winters and Mallemat pearls from Crashing Patient Conference.

Episode 13: 2014 NSTEMI Guidelines: emergent cath for NSTEMIs and NSTEMI arrest?!

Episode 12: Is the HEART score the answer to low risk chest pain?

Episode 11: Even a limited ECHO can make a big difference!

Episode 10: Does that patient on coumadin really need FFP before the procedure??

Episode 9: Vancouver CP rule: new hope for early discharge of chest pain??

Episode 8: IV Beta-blockers early in STEMI? What's the latest?

Episode 7: Anger and ACS

Episode 6: Syncope risk stratification made easy

Episode 5: Cardiac arrest with it safe to do CPR??

Episode 4: What's the best IVF for septic shock?

Episode 3: Post-arrest blood pressure.

Episode 2: Intermediate Lactate Levels -What do they mean anyway?

Episode 1: Paralysis without sedation. A discussion by Amal Mattu and Mike Winters on recent literature.