Post-Conference Session, March 31, 2014

Full Day Session 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Pediatric Emergency Bootcamp 2014

Ever have those days when you wish you had done a pediatric fellowship? We’ve condensed everything you need to know about anything you can’t miss into a 1 day course. Using a combination of lecture and simulation sessions, we’ll cover high stress situations, from cardiac codes to status epilepticus. Both new literature and a basic algorithmic approach will be reinforced by simulation to give participants practice handling these demanding situations.

— Course Directors: Ilene Claudius, MD and Mimi Lu, MD

Topics will include:

  • Pearls for Pediatric Resuscitation
  • Managing the Crashing Asthmatic
  • Newborn Resuscitation
  • You Took What???  Drugs of Abuse & Toxicology
  • The Critical Cardiac Child: Congenital & Acquired Conditions
  • Are They Just Small Adults? Big Problems in Little People
  • Pediatric Trauma: The #1 Killer
  • Head Injury in Kids
  • Critical Metabolic Emergencies
  • Pediatric DKA
  • Sedation/Procedural Tricks of the Trade
  • Shake It Up: Pearls for the Seizing Patient
  • Case-based Simulation Sessions

What’s included with the Pediatric Bootcamp tuition:

  • Full day of pearl-packed instruction from top national faculty.
  • Brand new state of the art blended learning environment with integrated case-based simulation sessions for the highest learning impact.
  • Pediatric Emergency CME Wallet Card.
  • Exclusive access to the online version of the course (not included in main course tuition).